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A good video from Fr. Robert Barron

A friend on Twitter posted a link to the following video on his Facebook page, and I thought it worth sharing here. It’s Fr. Robert Barron’s take on Bill Maher’s Religulous.


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No, this blog is not dead, and yes, I’m making some changes to it. I’m also working on integrating it into my website (which is very much under construction, so don’t expect to see much there just yet).

New Holy Cross blog

The Holy Cross priests and brothers have a new blog, Spes Unica. Check it out!
(Hat tip to Fr. Stephen Koeth, CSC, who blogs at Gift and Mystery.)

The skittish one


Sigh. For a few weeks now, I’ve been trying to get a photo of the red-bellied woodpecker that hangs around my birdfeeder a lot during the winter months. The problem is that, unlike the chickadees (who I’m told will eat right out of your hand if you’re patient enough), this fellow is really skittish. He flies off at the slightest sign of any movement. So, until I succeed in sneaking up on him to get that picture, I’ll have to settle for linking to this one.

The struggle to pray

My own yetzer ha-ra often has me fiddling with matters electronic rather than keeping up with work, so this will be a short post. 🙂

As it seems she does so often, the Velveteen Rabbi has once again posted something that really resonates with me:

My yetzer ha-ra doesn’t want me to daven shacharit.

Okay, I don’t really imagine that I have a personified evil (or chaotic) impulse, perched on my shoulder and whispering bitchy nothings in my ear. But there is definitely something in me that resists doing the things I know will make me more grounded.

Like regular prayer. I set my alarm. I wake up on time. I putter around and make myself a cup of tea. And as the appointed hour for davenen draws near, my yetzer ha-ra starts throwing excuses at me, reasons why I can’t possibly daven this morning.

I have too much to do. There are things I haven’t taken care of. Bills and dishes. Plus there’s that paper that’s going to be due next week, right after I get back from the Rabbis for Human Rights conference, which I should really be working on now! Besides, I’m distracted. I won’t have good focus. (See above, re: bills and dishes and paper deadlines. ) I can pray tomorrow when I’m more in the mood. God won’t really mind if I miss a day; God knows where I’m at, God understands.

Well, of course God understands. But that’s not remotely the point, is it? Prayer primes the pump of gratitude, and awareness, and praise. Prayer keeps my spiritual muscles stretched and ready. And, like writing, prayer shouldn’t be a luxury to be engaged in when I happen to feel so moved; it’s a practice which sustains itself and sustains me. But I have to overcome inertia and do it.

You can read the rest of Rachel’s post here .

I can certainly relate. It’s entirely too easy to blow off prayer in the mornings, especially if I’ve been up too late the night before reading or grading (or, let’s face it, watching too much TV).

Fortunately, there are some helps to prayer in my life. The Church gives us the Liturgy of the Hours, and at my house we pray at least one of the offices in common each day, so there’s some built-in accountability for me. Not that that removes the temptation entirely….