Both of our current presidential tickets trouble me, though for different reasons. I’ve been hard pressed to articulate my discomfort with the Republican ticket, but Rob Vischer over at Mirror of Justice sums it up well in this post.


One response to “Anti-intellectualism

  1. I agree that post does sum up some criticisms of the Republican ticket. Sometimes I wonder just who is leading the GOP ticket, McCain or Palin. Biden certainly isn’t getting the attention that Palin is.

    Something that scared me away from Christianity for so many years were the anti-intellectuals. It was the few Catholics and theologically-liberal Protestants that I knew that kept me from sprinting away from the faith.

    On a side note. I have a friend at work who is Catholic and very, very Republican. He was talking about a fellow coworker of ours who is Catholic, but very Democratic. My friend simply could not understand how someone could be Catholic and a Democratic. I tried to explain that while most Catholics were opposed to abortion, it wasn’t the only issue. Some Catholics also weighed social justice issues and believed overall the Democrat was perhaps the better choice. He didn’t agree with me. Or rather felt social justice issues always should take a back seat to abortion.

    I’m just counting down the days until the election is over. I have fairly equal disdain for both major party tickets right now.

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