Sense and nonsense

Rod Dreher’s making a good deal of sense today. I frankly couldn’t care less what (if any!) religion a political candidate happens to practice. A candidate who exhibits integrity and shares my political views will get my vote. End of story.

Christoper Hitchens, on the other hand, went on a rant about Chanukah on Monday. Mind you, it’s a rant that gets quite a bit wrong. The Maccabean revolt wasn’t a revolt against philosophy or beauty; it was a fight against a severe religious persecution that sought to wipe out a faith. Or has Mr. Hitchens forgotten just what Antiochus Epiphanes did in Judea?


One response to “Sense and nonsense

  1. I could not even get threw the “Hitchens” piece. I guess it just goes to show “got and opinion and a network connection you can say about anything.” I have a very profound respect for Orthodox Judaism (maybe too much as a Catholic). I am just amazed after appearing to praise “secularism and philosophy” that he still does not use the brains God gave him critically.

    For a good article on Chanukah this starts to put it back into perspective.

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