Pros and Cons of Performancing (Now ScribeFire)

Tiffany B. Brown posted last July on the pros and cons of using the Performancing extension for Firefox. Performancing is now ScribeFire, and I’m experimenting with it. So far, I like it.

Brown also mentions Flock, which I’ve tried. I liked it, but it had one big downer for me: it’s based on Firefox 1.5 at present. My bibliography mananger, Zotero, requires Firefox 2.0 or higher.

It seems to me that one of the advantages to plugins is that you don’t have to leave your browser to do what you want to do. In short, I want to be able to do most of my work in one application. That means that, for now, I’ll be sticking with Firefox, as it seems to be the only place where I can have both my blogging and academic tools.

If Flock comes out with a version based on Firefox 2.0, though, I’ll be willing to take another look.

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